Farshid Alaeddini, MD., PhD

I am a MD PhD from Iran with extensive background in medical and epidemiological research. In 1995, after graduating as a MD, due to my interest in research I continued my education in the field of Epidemiology at Tehran University of Medical Sciences. During my PhD courses, I also participated in several research projects. In particular, I have published two books and a few articles on the nationwide estimation of medical workforce. I got my PhD degree in epidemiology in 2001 and shortly afterwards I joined the National Center for Medical Research as a research consultant and worked there for two years. In 2004, in response to my entrepreneurial spirit I established my own company named Health Researchers R & D Institute, it's activities mainly involve research consultation services and since then I have been acting as the CEO of this company.

I have also been working as a research consultant in different parts of the Iranian Health System since 2004 designing and conducting several major national research projects such as Epidemiology of Injuries for Ministry of Health & Medical Education, Health Deputy; national profile of noncommunicable disease risk factors in the I.R. of Iran for Ministry of Health & Medical Education, Health Deputy. I have also been the teaching chair of more than 30 research management workshops, mostly on prioritizing research activities. Currently, I am working as a research consultant in research center of Tehran Heart Center. So far, I have published more than 100 papers, of which approximately 50 of them are published in major international journals indexed by Pubmed and more than another 50 are published in Iranian medical journals.

At this time, I am conducting a national project (IRAN neurological disorders study) that studies the prevalence and clinical and epidemiological characteristics of neurological disorders including Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, headache, stroke, epilepsy, and backache in Iran. You can see the information about the mentioned study in irannds.com .